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Aluminum Extrusion Process and Technical Control Points (Part 2)

May. 11, 2020

Tractor speed

The speed of the tractor is an important index of production efficiency. However, different profiles, shapes, alloys, and sizes may affect the speed of the tractor, which cannot be generalized. The extrusion bar rate is another important indicator of productivity. It is measured in millimeters per minute, and the extrusion rod speed is often more reliable than the tractor speed in the study of production efficiency.

Die temperature is very important for the quality of extruded profiles. Mold temperature should be kept at about 426°C before extrusion, otherwise, it will be easy to block or even damage the mold. The temperature of the feeding barrel shall be kept at about 426°C. Quenching temperature the purpose of quenching is to "freeze" the alloying elements, magnesium, and silicon, to stabilize unstable magnesium and silicon atoms without allowing them to precipitate, so as to maintain the strength of the profiles.

The three main quenching methods include:

Air-cooled water mist cooling tank cooling. Which quenching method to use depends on the Extrusion speed, the thickness of the extrusion aluminum profile, and the required physical properties, especially the strength requirements. Alloy type is an alloy, hardness, and elasticity to comprehensive marked Alcoa association for aluminum alloy type have detailed provisions: basic state code status code is the basis of aluminum, magnesium and its alloys: F free processing state, apply to the temperature in the process of forming or work hardening of the material no special control products (too processed products are unable to learn the performance requirements);

O annealing state. It is suitable for processing products with minimum strength obtained by annealing and casting products with improved ductility and ruler stability after annealing. After O, an Arabic numeral other than zero can be added. H work hardening condition, suitable for the product whose strength is increased by work hardening (this product can be reduced by heat treatment), H is always accompanied by more than two Arabic numerals;

Extrusion Aluminum Profile

Extrusion Aluminum Profile

W solid solution heat treatment state (an unstable state).It is only applicable to alloys that are naturally aged at room temperature after solid solution heat treatment, and this special code is only used to specify the time of natural aging, such as w1/2 hour. The stable state after T heat treatment (different from F, O and H states) is applicable to the product with a stable state after heat treatment (such product can also be processed and hardened). The letter T is always accompanied by more than one Arabic number. After quenching, most of the aging profiles need to be heat treated in the aging furnace. The aging function is mainly to reconfigure the alloy element (magnesium) so that it can be uniformly distributed in the section of the profile, so as to improve the strength of the profile.

Temperature and time are two indexes that need to be strictly controlled for artificial aging. In the artificial aging furnace, the temperature of each part must be the same. Although low-temperature aging can improve the strength of the aluminum extrusion heat sink, the required time should be correspondingly prolonged. To achieve the best physical properties of metal, it is necessary to select the appropriate aluminum alloy and its best type, select the appropriate quenching (cooling) method, apply the appropriate aging temperature and control the aging time, and the yield of finished products is another important index of production efficiency. It is theoretically impossible to achieve a yield of 100% since the Butts and the material cut off by the tractor and the tensioning machine are unavoidable.

In addition to the waste products, bruising, pre-testing materials, die - changing machines, etc., the general rate of finished products can only reach about 85%.

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