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What Are the Determinants of the Yield of Aluminum Extrusions?

May. 19, 2020

The role and characteristics of extrusion aluminum profile in life:

1. Extruded aluminum profiles have good durability, which is a performance that many castings do not have.

2. The stability of aluminum is very strong, and it is also resistant to oxidation, which leads to aluminum die castings that will not rust and are more resistant to corrosion. Because of this, many decorative products are made of aluminum die-casting, so that they can be kept from fading.

3. Aluminum profiles are very safe. After many tests, it has been proved that aluminum products have good shock resistance, and their resistance to wind pressure and weathering are amazing. Industrial aluminum profiles are therefore safer if aluminum castings are used. At the same time, the weight of aluminum dies castings is relatively light, which can reduce the burden on people and reduce the risk.

4. Since the toughness of aluminum is very good, it determines its plasticity and can be designed into various shapes, and the ductility is particularly advantageous. Because of this, aluminum castings can be used for recycling, which saves more materials and has a wider range of applications. Because of this characteristic of aluminum, it also determines its creativity. It is very good and can be modified at will.

5. Since aluminum is relatively light, it is more convenient for us to use, and there is no pressure for installation or maintenance.

Extrusion Aluminum Profile

Extrusion Aluminum Profile

Under the current situation of industrial aluminum profiles, whether it is automotive, mechanical protection, and railways, the demand is increasing. This naturally comes up with the dual problems of cost and resource utilization, so how to increase the yield of industrial aluminum profiles has become an urgent matter and measures to increase productivity a lot.

For improving the output of extruded products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers, and modern scientific management play a vital role. Low-level duplication and construction should be avoided, and it is best to transform the existing industrial aluminum profile extruder with modernization value into a modern high-level industrial aluminum profile extruder.

Generally, if there is no unscheduled downtime, the maximum output is mainly determined by the extrusion speed, and the latter is subject to four factors, three of which are fixed and the other is variable. The first factor is the extrusion force of the industrial aluminum profile extruder. Larger extrusion force can be extruded smoothly when the billet temperature is low; the second factor is the mold design. Friction usually raises the temperature of the passing aluminum alloy by 35 to 62°C; the third factor is the characteristics of the aluminum alloy being extruded and is an uncontrollable factor that limits the extrusion speed. The exit temperature of the profile generally cannot exceed 540°C Otherwise, the surface quality of the material will be reduced, the mold marks will be significantly increased, and even aluminum sticking, gravure, micro-cracks, tears, etc. will appear. The last factor is temperature and its degree of control.


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