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Do you need to install LED lighting radiators for household LED lights?

Nov. 13, 2019

LED lamps are commonly used in household lamps. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have a strong light source, energy saving and long life, and have been widely used. It can be said that LED lamps are the darling of modern home life. Here, there is a controversial topic, is that household LED lights need to dissipate heat? Do they need to install LED lighting radiators to help dissipate heat?

Household LED lights are not like industrial LED lights, agricultural LED lights or street lights. They are not very demanding on lighting time and lighting intensity, and the power required is not so high. Therefore, many people think that home LED lights are There is no need to install a led round aluminum heat sink. Usually we don't have to worry about the heat dissipation of the household LED lights, but is this really the case?

Usually, the power of LED lights installed in our bedroom is generally about 10W-15W, and the length of use is not too long. In this case, we don't have to worry about the heat dissipation of household LED lights. The LED lamp power required for the living room with a large space is relatively large, generally around 50W. Considering that the frequency and duration of use are not very high, it will not matter if there is no lighting radiator, but if you consider the use of LED lights. Life, then we need to pay attention to it.

Aluminum Extrusion Led Heat Sink

Aluminum Extrusion Led Heat Sink

Household LED lights have their own service life, once the limit is reached, the light source will be weak or extinguished, and an LED lighting radiator is a prerequisite for its normal service life. The heat generated by the LED lamp during daily use will cause loss to the LED lamp, but it is not noticeable in a short time, and if the heat dissipation is insufficient, the loss will be aggravated and the service life of the LED lamp will be greatly shortened. It will speed up the frequency of changing lamps, and the lighting in the living room is often more troublesome. The cost of replacing the lamps is much higher than the cost of installing the led light bar aluminium heat sink from the beginning.

In addition, there is no hard standard in the LED lamp market. Some household LED lights will have a lot of use in restaurants, hotels, entertainment places, etc. as long as the lighting intensity and power are appropriate. The length of time used in these occasions must not be Short, if the LED light is not installed, the LED lighting radiator is not installed, so the heat dissipation requirement is obviously insufficient.

Not all LED lights in our homes do not need to worry about heat dissipation. Installing LED lighting radiators for LED lights is a guarantee for their stable service life, so as to ensure that they can be accompanied for a longer period of time. Moreover, today's LED lighting aluminum extrusion heat sinks are not just a radiator shell. After various surface treatments by the manufacturers, these LED lighting radiators also have decorative functions. The finished LED lighting radiator can present different styles, which not only guarantees heat dissipation, but also provides exquisite appearance.

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