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Attention and Optimization of Extrusion Process of Aluminum Profile

Apr. 07, 2020

Aluminum profile must have certain mechanical properties. When other conditions are the same, its tensile strength and yield strength increase with the increase of content. The strengthening phase of 6063 Taiwan gold is mainly Mg2Si phase. How much should the amount of Mg, Si and Mg2Si be? The Mg2Si phase is composed of two magnesium atoms and one silicon atom. The relative atomic mass of magnesium is 24.3l and the relative atomic mass of silicon is 28.09. Therefore, in the Mg2Si compound, the mass ratio of magnesium to silicon is 1.73: 1.

Heat sink hot extrusion dies supplierbelieves that the homogenization treatment of aluminum alloy can increase the extrusion speed, and the extrusion force can be reduced by about 6% compared with the inhomogeneous ingot -10%. The cooling rate after the homogenization treatment has an important influence on the precipitation behavior of the tissue. For ingots that are rapidly cooled after soaking, Mg2Si can be almost completely dissolved in the matrix, and excess Si will also be dissolved or dispersed in fine particles. Such an ingot can be quickly extruded at a lower temperature and obtain excellent mechanical properties and surface brightness. In the extrusion production of aluminum profiles, replacing the resistance heating furnace with a fuel oil or gas heating furnace can receive significant energy saving and consumption reduction effects. Reasonable choice of furnace type, burner and air circulation method can make the furnace obtain uniform and stable heating performance, and achieve the purpose of stabilizing the process and improving product quality.

For extrusion production, extrusion temperature is the most basic and critical process factor. Extrusion temperature has a great impact on product quality, production efficiency, die life, energy consumption, etc. The most important issue of extrusion is the temperature control of the metal. From the ingot heating to the quenching of the extruded profile, it is necessary to ensure that the soluble phase structure does not precipitate out of the solid solution or shows the dispersion of small particles. The heating temperature of 6063 alloy ingot is generally set within the temperature range of Mg2Si precipitation. The heating time has an important influence on the precipitation of Mg2Si. The rapid heating can greatly reduce the time of possible precipitation. In general, the heating temperature for 6063 alloy ingots can be set as follows: ununiform ingots: 460-520 ° C; uniform ingots: 430-480 ° C.

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile

After the profile is out of the die hole, it is generally pulled by a tractor. When the tractor is working, the aluminum extrusion heat sink is given a certain traction tension, and at the same time moves in synchronization with the outflow speed of the product. The purpose of using the traction machine is to reduce the uneven length and scratches of the multi-line extrusion, and at the same time, it can prevent the profile from twisting and bending after exiting the die hole, which causes troubles in tension straightening. Tension straightening can not only eliminate the longitudinal irregularity of the product, but also reduce its residual stress, improve its strength characteristics and maintain its good surface.

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