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Design features and methods of high power profile heat sink die

Aug. 07, 2019

Design features and methods of high power profile heat sink die for electronics

Extrusion aluminum profile heat sinks are mostly solid on large profile radiators, which are characterized by large circumferential circle size, complex section shape, wall thickness difference, small tooth distance and large cantilever. When the cross section ratio of the same section and tongue ratio (cantilever length: tooth distance = tongue ratio) value and profile circumferential circle diameter more than a certain range, it is difficult to make the metal flow uniform with plane die extrusion, and easy to damage the die. In order to solve the above problems, several typical mould structures have been developed.

The high power profile radiators used in electronics are of high precision and difficulty. Die material must be high quality high strength heat resistant alloy steel, must be forged, pretreatment and flaw detection. Die hardness should not be too high, and should not be nitriding treatment. According to its shape and technical requirements, the mold design can use special flow guide mold, wide spread mold and plane combination mold, etc., for each size, each part of the structure and size of precise calculation and deployment. Such as the work zone, the outlet zone and the width Angle, the guide mold size, etc. have to be precisely designed to accurately distribute the metal flow and velocity. In addition, the mold must be in place according to the drawing, and ensure tolerance. In the production of this type of radiator profile, mold repair and extrusion control is also very important.

Extrusion aluminum profile heat sink

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