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Surface Treatment of Aluminum Alloy Profiles

Apr. 15, 2020

Nowadays, industrial aluminum profiles are commonly used in various industrial automation lines and workshops on the market.

Aluminium extruded radiatorelectrostatic powder coating technology is a surface treatment technology that has rapidly risen in recent years. Its characteristics are free of solvents, no pollution to the environment, powder can be recycled, easy to realize automated production, and easy to use. Moreover, the coating has various colors and can meet different weather resistance performance requirements. However, some defects often occur in the electrostatic powder coating of industrial aluminum alloy profiles, which affects the appearance quality and performance of the product.

1. Defect Name: Particles, Cause Analysis: There are burrs on the surface of the substrate, aluminum scraps and graphite marks, etc. The pre-treatment is poor. The residue of the pre-treatment bath liquid adheres to the surface of the profile and is not washed in place. The chromium material is placed before painting. Long time, dust is adsorbed on the surface, improper use of the new burning hanger, resulting in ashing on the surface of the chromium material, powder, and recycled powder may contain impurities. Aluminum extrusion heat sink enclosure spraying site and curing The furnace is unclean and has suspended matter.

Control measures: polish the surface of the blank before the upper row or sandblasting to ensure that the pretreatment is in place, periodically invert the trough, clean the residue, extend the pure water washing time, carefully blow the dust after the upper row of the chrome material, spray a layer Use after thin coating. Recycled powder should be used after sieving. The workshop implements 6S management, keeps the spraying site clean and tidy, and regularly cleans the curing furnace.

Second, the defect name: exposed bottom, cause analysis: poor coverage of powder coating, aluminum extrusion profile alloy shell complex cross-sectional structure is likely to cause static shielding effect, improper hanging method, sprayer responsible Not strong, poor business ability, improper powder coating thickness judgment, too much powder accumulation at the gun mouth, clogging, gun moving speed too fast or chain speed too fast, the decorative surface of the profile is not clear.

Aluminium Extruded Radiator

Aluminium Extruded Radiator

Control measures: strictly control the quality of powder coating, manually replenish the profile grooves and internal angles, adjust the profile hanging angle, improve the sprayer's skills, sprayer workers should measure the thickness of the profile after curing as much as possible, clean the spray gun regularly, and keep it smooth , Adjust the moving speed of the spray gun, appropriately reduce the chain speed, understand the customer's spraying requirements, and recognize the decorative surface of industrial aluminum alloy profiles.

Aluminum profile manufacturers on the market, we often see some low-quality industrial aluminum profiles, if such materials are used for production operations, it will directly lead to poor quality of the aluminum profile products produced.

6063 alloy is an alloy prepared with aluminum magnesium silicon as the main element. Each element has a certain range of content. The price of magnesium is high. Some manufacturers reduce the amount of magnesium to a very low level in order to reduce costs. Regular aluminum profile manufacturers When formulating alloy components, there are internal standards, that is, within the range of various element contents, each factory has its own smaller variation range. The ratio between aluminum, magnesium, and silicon is very strict, and each factory has its own data. It is confidential to each other, and alloys made with qualified formulas can guarantee the quality, otherwise the quality will not be improved if it is processed in the future.

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