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What are the characteristics of aluminum profile radiators?

Oct. 15, 2019

The aluminum profile radiator is also called the radiator aluminum profile. The custom aluminum profile heat sink has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect. A heat sink is a device that dissipates heat-dissipating electronic components in an electrical appliance. It is made of aluminum alloy, brass or bronze, and is made of a plate, a sheet, a multi-piece, etc., such as a CPU in a computer. The heat sink, the power tube in the TV, the tube, and the power amplifier tube in the power amplifier must use the heat sink.

The surface of the processed aluminum profile heat sink is anodized for surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the aluminum. At present, the types of radiator aluminum profiles commonly used in China are: electronics, electrical appliances, computer radiator aluminum profiles, sunflower aluminum profile radiators, and power semiconductor radiator profiles. Aluminum profile radiators are widely used in industries such as machinery, automobiles, wind power, construction machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, and household appliances.

Aluminum alloys are widely used in radiator materials due to their light appearance, good thermal conductivity and easy processing into complex shapes. There are three main types of aluminum alloy radiator materials: flat and wide, comb or fishbone; circular or elliptical circular outer fins are radial;

Their common feature is that the distance between the fins is short, and a groove shape is formed between the adjacent fins, and the aspect ratio thereof is large; the wall thickness difference is large, the fin is generally thin, and the bottom of the root has a large thickness. Therefore, it is very difficult to design, manufacture and produce the heat-dissipating mold. The radiator aluminum profile has a part of small size and symmetrical shape, which is relatively easy to produce. Most of the radiator profiles are flat and wide, the outer dimensions are large, some are asymmetrical, and the groove-to-width ratio between the fins is large. Its production is difficult. It is necessary to cooperate with the ingot, mold and extrusion process in order to smoothly produce the standard custom heat sink profile.

The characteristics of a good aluminum profile heat sink: the material has good thermal conductivity. It adopts aviation aluminum alloy material and has good heat conduction performance, surpassing copper-aluminum composite radiator. No contact thermal resistance. It is welded with aerospace aluminum alloy material and “gas flame fusion welding technology”. The base metal is integrated, non-contact thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation efficiency. high strength. It is welded by “gas flame fusion welding technology” and has high compressive strength (≥1.2Mpa), which is safe and watertight. Corrosion resistant and long life. The inner and outer walls of the radiator are treated by electrolytic electrophoresis ion oxidation, and the thickness and surface strength of the oxide layer are increased, and the corrosion resistance is remarkably improved. Safe, will not burn baby infants. The use of concealed waterway design, convection and radiation combined heat dissipation, good heat dissipation, low surface temperature, will not burn infants and young children. Beautiful and generous. Gas flame welding welding technology, the weld is smooth, the surface is electrostatic spraying, beautiful and decorative. Higher than the national wall thickness standard. Made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, the wall thickness is 1.5mm, which is higher than the national standard.

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What are the characteristics of aluminum profile radiators?cid=4

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