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Analysis on the Application Prospects of New Fields of Aluminum Profiles

May. 26, 2020

After more than half a century of development, China's aluminum industry started from zero and surpassed Japan, the United States, and other developed countries, and a large number of excellent aluminum profile companies were born. At present, the aluminum industry has entered the new stage of relying on technological innovation and comprehensive strength to participate in the market competition from the initial stage of quantity growth.

Aluminum profile processing industry chain

From the perspective of the industrial chain of the entire aluminum industry, aluminum profile processing is at the mid-end of the industrial chain. It is necessary to produce products that meet different needs according to the different downstream application industries. The technical process level is relatively high and it is an application-oriented industry.

With the continuous and stable development of China's economy, the demand for aluminum materials is increasing, and the production equipment and technical level are becoming more and more advanced. Under such a large environment, domestic aluminum products have gained considerable room for development, and have become the country with the largest aluminum output in the world.

With the steady progress of China's urbanization in recent years, the rapid development of infrastructure, vehicle manufacturing, shipping, aviation, etc., the demand for aluminum materials is increasing, and the output of the aluminum profile industry has been rising year after year. Aluminum profiles have experienced many years of development, industry concentration has continued to increase, and high-end market demand has increased. Benefiting from the development of prefabricated decoration, long-term rental apartments, system doors and windows, aluminum profile companies will also gradually improve the industrial chain and enhance their technological innovation and market competitiveness.

Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Development prospects of aluminum profiles

Industrial aluminum profiles

Custom LED street light heatsink supplier believes that under the strong advocacy of green and energy-saving buildings, consumers' environmental protection requirements for household products are increasing day by day. More and more attention has been paid to the application; in addition, the huge aluminum profile product demand created by automobile lightweight promotion and rail transit development will also bring stronger development potential to the market demand of the aluminum profile industry.

Advanced CNC equipment


Development of green buildings

With the general requirements of the government for building energy efficiency and the improvement of people's quality of life, high-performance door and window profiles represented by system door and window profiles are being paid more and more attention by producers and users. In addition, a large number of existing buildings need to be renovated, providing a broad market space for the future of system doors and windows profiles.


The popularity of all-aluminum home

The strengthening of consumers' environmental awareness and the advancement of production technology in the industry has made household products develop toward the trend of "green environmental protection" and "aluminum instead of wood". All-aluminum alloy furniture is made of high-quality, high-standard aluminum profiles as raw materials, without adding binders or materials containing formaldehyde, which meets the needs of people pursuing a healthy life. It is foreseeable that the gradual popularity of all-aluminum home furnishing will create new growth hot spots for the aluminum profile industry.


Lightweight car promotion

Extruded aluminum profiles have developed rapidly since entering the automotive industry, and their application fields have gradually expanded. Because the density of aluminum is only about 1/3 of steel, and its performance can meet the relevant requirements of automotive materials after alloying, the use of aluminum in the automotive field can greatly reduce the weight of the car and reduce fuel consumption, thereby achieving the effect of energy-saving and consumption reduction.


Development of rail transit

High-speed rail cars in the field of rail transportation have a greater demand for high-performance aluminum alloy materials. With the improvement of the high-speed rail network and the increase in travel demand, the demand for high-speed rail vehicles has accelerated, and the share of investment in rolling stock purchases is steadily increasing. Under the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" plan, the high-speed rail network will be further improved. In the future, the purchase of high-speed rail motor vehicles will grow steadily, creating more market demand for the aluminum profile industry.

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