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How to eliminate the impurity problem of aluminum profile heat sink?

Dec. 02, 2019

Heat sink may be no stranger to everyone, but the most widely used in automotive, computer and other industries. Aluminum profile heat sinks are a hot type of heat sinks, and a series of problems such as low efficiency and "strikes" will occur during use. Today, the custom electronic radiator supplier will tell you how to eliminate the impurity removal problem of aluminum profile heat sinks.

Due to the existence of air holes and shrinkage holes in the aluminum profile of the heat sink, the surface of the die-casting part is troublesome. The holes may enter the water. When the paint is sprayed and electroplated and baked, the gas in the holes is heated to expand or the water in the holes may Vapor changes and volume expands, which results in blistering on the surface of the casting. Therefore, in production, appropriate methods must be used to solve the causes of these custom heat sink aluminum profiles.

Solution for heat sink aluminum profile impurities: The key is to reduce the amount of gas mixed into the casting. The ideal metal flow should be continuously accelerated from the nozzle through the diverter cone and runner to the cavity, forming a smooth and consistent metal flow. , The use of conical flow channel design, that is, the pouring flow should be continuously accelerated from the nozzle to the gate gradually decreases, this can be achieved. In the filling system, the mixed gas is caused by turbulence and liquid metal mixture to form pores. From the study of the simulation die-casting process of the metal liquid entering the cavity from the casting system, it is obvious that the sharp transition position and increasing pouring in the runner The cross-sectional area of the channel will cause turbulence and gas entrainment in the metal liquid flow, and the stable metal liquid will help the gas from the runner and cavity to enter the overflow groove and exhaust groove and be discharged out of the mold.

Extrusion Aluminum Heat Sink

Extrusion Aluminum Heat Sink

The new ceramic filter material is used, and no secondary nozzle is used to reduce impurities. The aluminum profile of the heat sink should make the parts of the die-casting solidification process dissipate heat at the same time and solidify at the same time. Reasonable nozzle design, thickness and location of the gate, mold design, mold temperature control and cooling can be used to avoid shrinkage. For the phenomenon of intergranular corrosion: aluminum extrusion heat sink is mainly to control the content of harmful impurities in the alloy raw materials, especially lead.

The above can effectively exclude impurities in aluminum profile heat sinks. At the same time, the above characteristics should be paid attention to during the purchase and use process.

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