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The Reason that Chooses Aluminium Profile Radiator

Apr. 20, 2020

Aluminum extrusion LED heat sink has been widely used in today's society and is favored by more and more people. So what exactly does it do to win so many hearts? Let's decipher it now!

Aluminum radiator adopts an automatic spiral tube expansion process, tube expansion without clearance, the surface of the new electrostatic spray technology, 180 degrees high-temperature curing, after several times of 100% airtightness pressure detection, the working pressure is 1.5mpa. Products can be made into different types of specifications, widely used in residential areas, villas, dormitories, factories, hotels, office buildings, and other public buildings.

Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink

 Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink

1. Good heat dissipation effect. The biggest characteristic of aluminum profile radiator is the heat dissipation effect than the traditional cast iron radiator to improve the rest frequency 30%.

2. The quality is stable. Aluminum radiators are more stable than traditional cast iron radiators.

The cost-performance ratio of aluminum profile radiator is matchless proper, the breed of aluminum profile radiator, design color is a lot of, can match with any interior decoration style photograph.

If you have a common horn form, circular arc, bamboo stool form, and bathhouse common form and more than 200 kinds of color.The name of the crude aluminum radiator adopts electrophoretic paint, spray plastic cover, save is lubrication clean, no edges and corners, prevent knock, no purification, and other characteristics. Along with the performance

The whole. Aluminum profile radiator can have a lot of additional performance, such as the application of special-shaped aluminum profile radiator can be made in the building screen, guardrail, seat, and stair handrails.

3. Various shapes and colors.

4. Good thermal performance, high convective heat dissipation, the highest thermal comfort.

5. Fast heat dissipation speed and obvious heat dissipation effect in a short time.

6, lightweight, high pressure, can be used in a high-rise or super high-rise buildings, and various types of housing decoration match, do not need to be decorated twice.

7. Low production cost, stable product quality, and moderate price.

Aluminum extrusion heat sink is advanced and irreplaceable advantages, I believe that in the future development road will go further and further, will be more popular. Let's look forward to it!


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