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How to choose profile radiator to protect your CPU?

Aug. 14, 2019

How to choose profile radiator to protect your CPU? 

Daily work from the computer is turned on to turn off, the CPU will not stop running, in addition, the CPU as the heart of the computer, shouldering heavy data processing and computing work. If you accidentally burn or damage the CPU, the entire computer will crash. Therefore, use the extrusion aluminum profile heat sink for heat dissipation of CPU is very critical. Most computers come with processors that have overheat protection to prevent the CPU from burning out. When the CPU temperature is too high, it will automatically shut down the computer or reduce the frequency.

While this feature greatly reduces the incidence of CPU failures, it can also significantly shorten the life of the processor if the CPU is exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time. The key to solve these problems is to deal with the heat dissipation problem, we know, the CPU in the working time generated heat is very terrible, especially some of the high frequency of the processor, the work of the heat is surprisingly high. Therefore, to make the CPU better service for us, heat dissipation time of custom extrusion profile heat sink is indispensable. The normal working temperature of CPU is 35 ~ 65℃, which depends on different CPU and different main frequency, so we need to choose a good radiator for the processor. Not only requires good fan quality, and to choose a good radiator fin material products.

custom aluminum profile heat sink

Custom Aluminum Profile Heat Sink

Generally, the radiator of the processor in the box can meet the requirements of this product, but if you want to overclock, then the radiator in the box can't meet the requirements of cooling, so you need to choose a product with better cooling performance for the CPU. Although overclocking your CPU is a must-do for many players, overclocking your processor is not recommended if you have enough CPU. Because even if your radiator is good enough, overclocked CPU life will be reduced.

In addition, we need to take some measures to protect the CPU and monitor the heat dissipation. We can use custom aluminum profile heat sink to ensure the smooth air circulation inside and outside the chassis to ensure that the heat generated inside the chassis can be carried out in a timely manner. A good cooling job can reduce some unexplained crashes. We also need to know the working state of the radiator and the temperature of the CPU at any time. We can timely detect the temperature of the CPU and the rotation speed of the fan through the software of speed measurement and temperature measurement.

To solve the problem of CPU heat dissipation, it is necessary to choose a good radiator. Choose radiator to need weight appropriate and aluminum profile, according to the actual situation of their computers, buy appropriate products. Do not blindly pursue cooling, and buy that is big and heavy "luxury" products. These products are easy to use, but because of their weight, the time will not only cause close contact with the CPU, but also easy to crush the CPU's fragile shell. In addition, the high thermal conductivity of aluminum profiles is the determinant of good heat dissipation function and the most ideal medium for heat transfer. The heat sink of same specification, the weight of aluminous profile is 1/3 of steel heat sink.

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