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The reason of the phenomenon of leakage of radiator of aluminium profile

Aug. 26, 2019

The reason of the phenomenon of leakage of radiator of aluminium profile shared by custom heat sink extrusion supplier.

Aluminium alloy, the main chemical composition of Al, Mg, Si and other impurities such as Fe and Cu, Mg and Si weight ratio should be controlled between 113-115, this time can obtain excellent corrosion resistance and good toughness and strength, if Si in the alloy increases, the corrosion resistance of alloy, prone to corrosion, if the alloy of Fe content exceeds bid, will also reduce the corrosion resistance of alloy.

So use aluminum profile heat sink from the following aspects to prevent and improve:

What should notice when using aluminum profile heat sink?

1. The medium, temperature and pressure in the tube shall meet the design conditions. Overpressure and overtemperature operation is strictly prohibited.

2. When the pressure and temperature rise inside the tube, it should be gradually increased step by step, so as not to damage the equipment due to sudden heat shock.

3. When the tube radiator with negative pressure operation starts up, the air extractor should be started first. When the tube reaches the specified vacuum degree, the fan should be started, and then the tube medium should be connected. During operation in winter, after the air extractor reaches the specified vacuum degree, the tube medium should be first fed into, and then the fan should be started to avoid freezing and failure of operation.

aluminum profile heat sink

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4. When easy to condense medium is operated in winter, its procedure is opposite to 3.

5. Custom aluminum profile heat sink normal operation, should first open the fan, and then into the tube bundle into the medium. Stop operation, should first stop to the tube bundle into the medium, and then stop the fan.

To improve the hot water heating system, adjust the relationship between the design working condition flow and the water filling flow at the constant pressure point, and prevent the water filling collapse. The PH value of the control heating system is between 8-10, theoretically speaking, aluminum profile radiator is a good corrosion resistance product, because the PH value of boiler water is generally between 8-10, aluminum alloy between the value of pure protection, the thickness of 112mm aluminum profile radiator does not do any corrosion protection, life for more than 10 years. Ensure that the chemical composition of aluminum alloy raw material meets the national standard. Aluminum radiator to do the necessary internal corrosion protection, make it form a layer of passivation protective film, prevent direct contact with water and other media, to avoid leakage corrosion phenomenon.

Through the above several aspects of the treatment, can effectively prevent the leakage of aluminum profile radiator problems, improve the use of aluminum profile radiator performance, so that this profile radiator can be widely used and promoted by the state and relevant departments.

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