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Eight major precautions for the installation of aluminum radiators

Sep. 06, 2019

Eight major precautions for the installation of aluminum radiators shared by Aluminium LED heat sink manufacturer.

Aluminum profile with steel, iron do not have the tensile and conductive, is widely used in various fields, in order to ensure the efficient work efficiency of aluminum profile, so in the installation of aluminum radiator need to pay attention to some installation precautions.

1. In order to ensure the good contact between the power element and the radiator, the insulation pad should be avoided as far as possible, and the contact surface between the power element and the radiator should be flat and smooth. Since it is difficult for the shell of the power element to be closely combined with the radiator, there will always be an invisible air gap. Therefore, silicone grease should be applied between the contact surfaces to improve the contact effect and help to dissipate heat.

2. When insulation is needed between the shell of the power element and the Industry Extrusion Aluminum Heat Sink, an insulation pad shall be installed, but the thickness of the insulation pad shall be between 0.08 and 0.12mm.

3. The power element shall be fastened to the center of the radiator with spring washer and screw.

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4. In order to increase the heat radiation capacity of the radiator, generally carry out coloring treatment, the installation of this high radiation coating can not be damaged.

5. Radiator had better be installed vertically, not too close to other parts to benefit from air convection, especially not close to heating and afraid of heat components.

6. The Custom extrusion aluminum heat sink should be installed outside the housing as far as possible. When the radiator installed in the machine, to open enough ventilation holes in the housing near the radiator, if necessary, should add fan forced convection cooling.

7. The selection of board heat, should not be too thin board, its thickness should be between 2 ~ 5mm.

8. If the dissipated power of the power element is more than 50W, micro fans should be selected for forced convection cooling. At this time, the radiator area should be reduced by 2 ~ 4 times according to the situation.

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