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Indispensable part in electric appliance: radiator of aluminium profile

Sep. 21, 2019

Indispensable part in electric appliance: radiator of aluminium profile

The temperature of great majority electric equipment is met in use process rise, resemble TV set, computer, freezer, air conditioning to wait, this needs to use extrusion aluminum profile heat sink to come loose heat quickly. At present radiator USES aluminium alloy material mostly, this product is main chemical composition with alloy of aluminium, magnesium, silicon, pass heating extrude makes different radiator aluminium profile, pass all sorts of combination type again welding and become. It has light weight, good thermal conductivity, high pressure, good thermal processing performance, metal thermal strength up to 2. More than 4 w/kg0C. And price goes lower than the other material of aluminum alloy radiator, quickly accepted by the society, especially for nearly a year fast development, from a dozen to over 70 aluminum radiator production enterprises, quite a number of enterprise production on a smaller scale, technology need to be further perfect, at present most of the production enterprises have no inner anti-corrosion measures, inevitably brings to the enterprise future trouble, should be highly valued.

extrusion aluminum profile heat sink

Customized sunflower aluminum heat sink with clear anodized surface

Custom aluminum profile heat sink is mainly used in alkaline water corrosion problems, according to the heating water quality standards in our country, for the boiler in the inland waters, temperature 950 c circulating water requirement of the pH = 10 ~ 12, boiler water alkalinity is 8 equivalent to 20 mg/l, the regulation on the one hand is to control the water supply of oxygen, water pipes and boiler corrosion protection; On the other hand, the fouling material is changed into sediment to improve the service life of the boiler. Otherwise, the water quality of the heating system is alkaline, which far exceeds the safe operating conditions of the aluminum radiator.

Under normal heating conditions, the early failure of Extruded Aluminum Heatsink can be avoided, so that it can be used for a long time, improve the current production process and welding quality, improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum radiator, enhance the reliability and safety of aluminum radiator. In order to enhance the service life of aluminum radiator, internal anticorrosion method is adopted, which plays a key role in extending the service life of aluminum radiator. The inner anticorrosive problem of radiator of aluminium profile is very important, solve well will concern about development prospect of radiator of aluminium profile directly, should cause the height that produces radiator of aluminium profile to take seriously.

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